Law Office of La'Donna Harlan StaffFamilies in stressful or uncomfortable situations often require legal assistance and are uncertain where to turn. At the Law Office of La’Donna Harlan, families and individuals can get the help they need for a range of legal matters. We’re here to help ensure your rights are protected and your issues are not treated lightly.

Divorces can be complicated and there are many issues to deal with including support payments, custody and property division. An attorney who understands Texas community property laws can help you navigate the divorce process as well as help you with other issues including modifying court orders for support, custody and visitation or helping you file a contempt charge when your former spouse is not making court-ordered payments.

Landlord tenant relationships are often contentious when one party is not living up to the terms of a lease agreement. Whether you have been given a lease to sign and want to make sure you understand the terms fully or you need help enforcing the terms of your lease, the Law Office of La’Donna Harlan can help.

In some cases, families who have lost a loved one need help probating estates. This process can be complicated if the decedent has not met with an attorney and put the proper legal documents like a will in place. Whether you want to save your family the time and expense involved in settling an estate by creating an estate plan or you need help with any aspect of the probate process you can count on Attorney Harlan.

There many other areas we can help with including helping those who have suffered an injury and need to file a personal injury lawsuit and those who need help appealing a denied social security claim. Regardless of what type of legal challenge you are facing, contact Law Office of La’Donna Harlan at  (972) 293-8888.