Estate Planning

Estate Planning AttorneyPlanning for the future is a necessity, particularly if you have children. Texas families who are considering estate planning need assistance with a range of legal documents to protect their family and to ensure their final wishes are carried out.  At the Law Office of La’Donna Harlan, we can help you draft the necessary documents you need to successfully plan your estate including:

  • Last Wills – Drawing up a will can ensure your family understands exactly how you wish to see your assets distributed upon your death. Without a will in place, the courts will use Texas statutes to determine how your assets are distributed.
  • Medical Care – when you become disabled it’s helpful to have certain documents in place. A medical power of attorney will give someone else authorization to make decisions regarding your treatment to another person you trust. Physician’s directives will ensure you do not receive any treatment you have not previously authorized. HIPPA Authorizations allow your medical team to share information with the parties designated to act on your behalf.
  • Powers of Attorney – in addition to providing directions for your medical care, you may need to have general powers of attorney to allow a person you chose to deal with your day-to-day financial and other needs. By signing a power of attorney before you are incapable of making decisions for yourself, you can ensure the person whom you trust most will be making those decisions.
  • Disposition of Remains – Texas statutes allow residents to draft documents indicating how their remains are to be handled after your death. By ensuring you have the proper authorizations in place, your loved ones will be fully aware of your wishes.

An estate planning attorney will take your overall circumstances into consideration and help you decide which documents are appropriate for you. If you’re a resident of Dallas or Tarrant Counties contact the Law Office of La’Donna Harlan, PLLC at  (972) 293-8888 for all your estate planning needs.